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Tamil Nadu Govt Jobs 2022 Arasuvelai 2022 Tamil Nadu Arasu Velai Vaippu 2022 Jobs Today Tamil TN Govt Jobs 2022 TN Govt Jobs 2022 Tamil TN Jobs Jobs Tamila Jobs 2022

Tamil Nadu Government illam thedi kalvi Recruitment | Tamil Nadu Government illam thedi kalvi Vacancy | illam thedi kalvi Tamil Nadu Job Vacancy 2022 | illam thedi kalvi Recruitment | Tamil Nadu illam thedi kalvi Job Vacancy 2022. This Job is Invited to TamilNadu illam thedi kalvi Recruitment. Total Number of Vacancy in Tamil Nadu 52,000. And various Job Posting is Available for this job. From 31 January 2022 @ 12:00 a.m to 17 March 2022 @ 11:59 p.m.


Tamil Nadu illam thedi kalvi Job Recruitment Details:

The Government of Tamil Nadu has now announced recruitment to fill 52,000 vacancies in illam thedi kalvi in Tamil Nadu. It has published a total of various job postings.

Job Name

Tamil Naduillam thedi kalvi

Job Category

Tamil Nadu illam thedi kalvi Job

Employment Post Type

Permanent Tamil Nadu illam thedi kalvi Job

Number Of Vacancies

52,000 Vacancies

Job Posting Location

All Over Tamil Nadu

Application Apply Starting Date

31 January 2022

Application Apply Last Date

Not Mentioned

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Apply Mode

Offline and Online Post


Tamil Nadu illam thedi kalvi Recruitment  Details:

Home Search Education is a voluntary charity. A home-based education program is to be implemented to rectify the learning gaps and losses of students in grades one through eight in government schools during periods of the general outbreak of the corona epidemic. The form is provided on the website to enable volunteers to register for teaching services at ‘Home Search Education’ centers in the evenings after school.

1. Be willing to spend at least six hours a week with the kids (or) volunteer part-time.

2. Must know Tamil to communicate with children

3. Teach Tamil, English, and Mathematics. (Training and equipment will be provided)

4. Who should participate voluntarily without compulsion

5. Must be at least 17 years of age or older

The Hon’ble Minister of Finance in his financial statement announced that due to the spread of COVID in schools from 1st to 8th class, learning gaps and losses will be exacerbated by volunteering charity daily from one to one and a half hours from 5 pm to 7 pm to enhance the learning ability of students. Has announced the plan.

So COVID plans to implement a statewide program called Home Finding Education to minimize the learning gaps only for students in grades one through eight in schools during periods of general inactivity. The project is to be implemented across Tamil Nadu at a cost of Rs. 700 crore under 100 percent financial assistance from the State Government.

Project Vision:

In times of publicity based on the spread of COVID, only the learning gap between students in grades one through eight in schools is corrected for losses.

Project Objective:

1. Provide student learning opportunities with the participation of volunteers through small groups outside school premises and near student residences except during school hours.

2. Re-strengthening the learning skills that students have already acquired in school through home-based curriculum activities.

3. To provide students with a simple learning opportunity at least 1 time daily for one and a half hours daily from 5 pm to 7 pm for the six months of the program and to gradually participate in daily learning activities.

Project Function Instructions:

There are 34,05,856 students in 92,297 flats in Tamil Nadu studying in schools from class one to class eight. COVID has now caused severe learning loss among students as schools are not functioning during the shutdown periods. The rural residential home-based education program will help greatly reduce learning losses among children.

Since this is a voluntary-based project we need to create serious awareness in the community for the successful implementation of this project. The first is to involve community organizations at the village level and establish community cohesion. Various communication campaigns with the help of local folk artists should create awareness in the villages through street plays, puppet shows, and songs on the importance of the home search education program.

Skill development activities at the school level are to be done by creating murals etc. Posters and leaflet campaigns in search of a home should be displayed in the villages. Bicycle rallies should be held at the district level to attract the attention of the youth. It is planned to bring artists in mobile vehicles and perform art and cultural dances only songs that spread the sense of education in search of a home. Information on IEC academic awareness activities at the state level will be carried out in advertising campaigns on lay social media. News is produced and broadcast by state leaders and celebrities through television, radio, and other communications equipment.

The search for a suitable home at the village level should be made in a way that is safe, hygienic, and accessible to children in the teaching and learning centers. Adequate electricity and drinking water facilities should be ensured.

Further, follow the standard guidelines regarding COVID issued by the Union and Government of Tamil Nadu.

The place chosen for the center to function should be secular and non-discriminatory. Thus being able to accommodate all children in those areas. Priority will be given to areas such as rural flats, government buildings, and community halls.

Throughout the program, volunteers will be implemented on the basis of the SPIRIT OF VOLUNTEERISM. IEC activities will provide an open invitation to its activists to participate in this effort. The class will be taken on how to activate the VOLUNTEER and then the job will be given.

Incentives are also being provided for this project. Home Search Education Project is scheduled to start in Cuddalore, Dindigul, Erode, Kanchipuram, Kanyakumari, Krishnagiri, Madurai, Nagapattinam, Nilgiris, Thanjavur, Trichy, and Villupuram in one to two weeks from November 1, 2020. The project will be extended to all districts on the basis of the impact of the project which will be implemented as a preview project only. The state-wide program will run until 2022 in conjunction with the 2021 2022 academic year.

Project layout method:

4 tier groups have been formed to make the youth search education program work better across the state. State Level Committee, District Level Committee, Union Level Committee, and School Level School Management Committee.

Responsibilities of the District Level Committee:

Large-scale art promotion and home-seeking education through the art group should bring education across the district.

The teacher should plan and guide art shows that take place at the district level.

District Union and Government schools should seek out the Academic and Communications Trainer Registration Home and implement all of the activities in the curriculum.

District-level committees should meet at least twice a month.

The District Officer and the district level team should make periodic visits to the centers from time to time to ensure that the youth search education is functioning better.

Ensure compliance with the latest guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID issued by the State Government.

The child should seek advice from relatives from time to time for the effective functioning of the program.

Book training should be provided to existing school management committees.

School management committees should only search for the home of headteachers and ensure that suitable locations for educational centers are selected.

Young Search Educational Centers need to monitor safety and hygiene.

Ensure compliance with the latest standardized guidelines for the prevention of COVID transmission issued by the State Government.

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