TN Income Tax Recruitment 2023 – Apply for Young Professional Vacancy

Tamil Nadu Food Processing and Agricultural Export Corporation (TNAPEx), Government of Tamil Nadu:
3rd Floor, SIDCO Corporate Office Building, Thiru Vi Ka Industrial Park, Guindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600032.

Each month a job is completed, the individual will get one day off. There is no provision for accruing leave beyond one year. Cash withdrawals and deferrals will also not be allowed.

Each month a job is completed, the individual will get one day off. There is no provision for accruing leave beyond one year. Cash withdrawals and deferrals will also not be allowed.

In-depth understanding of the food processing industry ecosystem (especially good knowledge of food safety standards and certifications – Indian and international; regulatory/compliance standards for food products, packaging, storage, and distribution).

Provide consulting support to MSMEs on food processing technology – purchasing, installation, upgrading to new innovative technologies, etc.

Support the implementation of programs related to food processing. Provide input to maintain IT platforms related to food processing, such as information on new market technologies.

Support the Vice President (Food Processing) in promoting the food processing and export sector.

From all applications received online, pre-selected candidates will be invited to share their experience and qualification certificates.

Candidates, in order of shortlisting, whose experience certificate, qualification certificate, and other evidence presented to meet the authenticity of the Competent Authority, will be called interview. The interview will be conducted in English in Chennai. The interview format will be notified to candidates via email. In special cases, interviews may also take place by video call at the discretion of TNNAPEx. After interviewing and verifying documents, TNAPEx will issue a fixed-term appointment offer.

Notice is required for appointments, however, appointments may be made in batches depending on TNAPEx requirements.

Applicants with a completed online application who are not shortlisted for an interview may be placed on a waitlist.

Waitlisted candidates will be called for interviews in the future in case of attrition or case additional requirements in the next period without TNNAPEx needing to post a new notice/call for applications if the rounds This recruitment takes place within 2 days. years from the date of this notice.

If a candidate undergoes an interview with the panel but is not selected, the interview panel will make the final decision on whether to retain the candidate on the panel or whether the candidate should be dismissed. excluded from future recruitment rounds or not. For senior advisor positions, if the interview panel believes that the number of qualified candidates exceeds the number requested, TNNAPEx may, at its sole discretion, include these senior advisors. All other notices will be posted on the FaMe TN website only.

In cases where the interview panel is convinced of the candidacy of a particular candidate even though that candidate has not been selected for the said position, the panel may recommend that the candidate be considered for a position. replacement positions in the MSME department without having to post new advertisements/call for applications. new application if such recruitment takes place within 2 years from the date of this Notice.

The final selection of candidates will be made based on marks obtained in the interview. In case the scores of two candidates are equal during the interview process, the candidate with the highest

score on the online application form will be given priority. DOCUMENTS NEEDED TO BE SUBMITTED:
The above documents will be checked for completeness and compliance with the online application form previously submitted by the candidate. Submitted documents will be verified by TNNAPEx and candidates will only be invited for an interview if their application and submitted supporting documents meet TNNAPEx.

Evidence/testimonial from the reporting manager (or) previous reporting manager/any other relevant evidence confirming each skill/experience detail that has been selected (selected) on the form online application.

Photo identity proof (with candidate’s photo) issued by the competent authority i.e. Aadhar Card/Passport/Voter Photo ID Card/PAN Card or Driving License. No other identification will be accepted.

Candidates serving in government/semi-government. Public sector offices/enterprises (including nationalized banks and financial institutions) are not required to produce a no-objection certificate from their employer at the time of interview, due to the short time frame in which candidates have to fill the positions.

1. This position is on a fixed-term contract, renewable annually depending on the candidate’s work performance, initially for a maximum of 5 years, renewable for an additional period ( over 5 years) according to the decision of the TNAPEx Board of Directors.

In case there is no original certificate/document, the candidate’s candidacy will be canceled. TNNAPEx is not responsible for the receipt/collection of any certificates/remittances/documents sent separately

5. Certificate of physical fitness: Candidates selected for appointment to this position will be required to present a certificate of physical fitness issued by a registered medical doctor. Applicants will also be required to certify that they are not insolvent before being appointed.

6. Accurate and truthful information regarding arrests, convictions/exclusions/disqualifications by any employment agency, criminal or disciplinary proceedings initiated or completed, employment participating in agitation or any political organization, running for assembly/state legislature/local body elections, etc. ., if any, must also be provided to TNNAPEx, in self-declaration form, at the time of request.

Initial judgment of acquittal, order/or G.O. The waiver of any further action in the departmental proceedings or any document which may demonstrate the suitability of such candidates for appointment in such cases shall be produced at the certification verification/interview period/time.

TNAPEx reserves the right to conduct background checks on candidates, either before or after their appointment, and if any statements are found to be inaccurate, this may result in termination of the appointment.

இந்த வேலைக்கு தேவையான அனைத்து விண்ணப்பங்களும் கீழே உள்ளது நண்பா


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