Tamil Nadu Post Office Notification 2023- Apply 3,167, GDS Post

Tamil Nadu Govt Jobs 2023 Arasuvelai 2023 Tamil Nadu Arasu Velai Vaippu 2023 Jobs Today Tamil TN Govt Jobs 2023 TN Govt Jobs 2023 Tamil TN Jobs Jobs Tamila Jobs 2023
Tamil Nadu Govt Jobs 2023 Arasuvelai 2023 Tamil Nadu Arasu Velai Vaippu 2023 Jobs Today Tamil TN Govt Jobs 2023 TN Govt Jobs 2023 Tamil TN Jobs Jobs Tamila Jobs 2023

Tamil Nadu Govt Jobs 2023 Arasuvelai 2023 Tamil Nadu Arasu Velai Vaippu 2023 Jobs Today Tamil TN Govt Jobs 2023 TN Govt Jobs 2023 Tamil TN Jobs Jobs Tamila Jobs 2023

Tamil Nadu Postal service Announcement 2023- Apply 3,167, GDS Post:

Catch analyses of Tamil Nadu Postal service Notification 2023- Request 3,167, GDS Post:

In this place item, we give a brief reason for the Tamil Nadu Postal service Notification 2023- Administer 3,167, GDS Post like Conscription Estrangement, Necessity Type, Type of task, Opening (Openings), place of job, Necessary aptitude, Gap date for Recruitment, Closing date for Conscription, for the likely GDS Post, Forever updating last tasks like Tn govt jobs, India Govt tasks and too furthermore posting individual tasks.

Tamil Nadu Postal service Notification 2023 releases task vacancies of 3,167 posts, Likely post name, is GDS accompanying starting date of announcement accomplishes 27-01-2023 to 16-02-2023. Task finder can command this task within the last date likely and confirm that Task seekers kindly use this task installation to apply.

Post Name:

Skilled are three classifications likely in the Tamil Nadu Post Office we can check bureaucracy out

1. Gramin Dak Sevaks, Arm Location of mail service, Assistant Arm Location of mail service/Dak Sevak -3,167 Post

2. Check to Notice given Tamil Nadu Postal service Pdf

Necessary ability:

Tamil Nadu Post Office release the task post of 3,167 POST in differing classifications with a minimum instruction Restriction of, Unconscious 10th std.


Connected to the internet users are invited from the fit seekers for engagement as Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) (Arm Location of mail service(BPM)/Helper Branch Location of mail service(ABPM)/Dak Sevak).

BRIEF Task Characterization AND RESIDENCE /Reconciliation:

The Task Description of the Branch Location of the mail service contains.

a) Ordinary postal operations of Arms Postal service and India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) in the style as arbitrary apiece Department now and then.

b) Shopping and publicities of products and duties being supported by Area and operating various duties in the Consumer Aids Centres (CSC) of the Department etc.

c) In single-handed BOs, BPMs have the overall accountability of smooth and prompt functioning of the Branch Postal service containing mail transport and mail delivery.

d) In the BOs apart from single-handed, the BPMs grant permission is helped by ABPM. However, BPM will be a necessary commotion-linked duty of ABPMs as and when orderly. Some additional work can also be designated by managers like IPO/ASPO/SPOs/SSPOs etc.

e) Apartment/Reconciliation: The candidate selected as GDS BPM will specify reconciliation for Branch Postal service subsequently excerpt but before engagement. A proclamation to this effect accompanying analyses of accommodation search out be presented before engagement. The claimant so picked will should reside in the Post suburb (the center at which point the BO is functioning) only.

The accommodation bear meets the guidelines as recommended by this Directorate memorandum No. 17-02/2018-GDS out-of-date 08.03.2019 as improved from time to time.


The Task Characterization of the Helper Branch Location of mail service involves.

a) Deal of stamps/stationery, transport, and transfer of mail at the opening, deposits/payments/additional undertakings of IPPB.

b) To assist BPM postal movements in a manner as arbitrary for one Department now and then.

c) Shopping and publicities of products and aids being determined by Area and operating various aids in the Consumer Duties Centres (CSC) of the Department etc.

d) ABPM grant permission again should do Linked Assignment of BPMs as and when ordered apart from welcome/her consistent duties.

e) Some added work appointed by superiors like the First sale of a stock/ASPO/SPOs/SSPOs etc.

f) Headquarters: ABPMs are necessary to reside inside the childbirth jurisdictions of the Postal service (HO/SO/BO) concerned.


Sevaks will accomplish Administrative offices like Substitute Post buildings, Head Post departments, etc. The Job Characterization of Dak Sevak involves.

a) Buying of stamps/stationery, transport and transfer of mail at one level of stairs, deposits/payments/different undertakings of IPPB, and some other burdens designated by Location of mail service/Sub Location of mail service.

b) Dak Sevaks conceded the possibility have to introduce combing places of the Railway Mail Aid (RMS).

c) Dak Sevaks in the Mail departments will handle certificate dispatch of mail bags, transshipment of bags, etc.

d) Dak Sevaks will still assist Post Masters/Substitute Postmasters in directing the smooth functioning of Departmental Post Jobs and do shopping, trade procurement, or some additional work assigned for one Location of mail service or First sale of a stock/ASPO/SPOs/SSPOs/SRM/SSRM, etc.

e) Residence: Dak Sevaks are necessary to locate inside the delivery jurisdictions of the Postal service (HO/SO/BO) worried.


(a) High school Test pass certification of 10th standard having lived in Arithmetic and English (having existed intentionally as binding or elective issues) attended by some recognized Board of School Instruction apiece Management of India/State Governments/ Union Domains in India be going to be a required educational restriction for all certified categories of GDS.

(b) The aspirant endure have intentionally the local language that is to say; (Name of the Local sound is not completely up to Subordinate standard [as binding or electoral subjects.

Different Requirements:

(i) Information on computer

(ii) Information about bicycle

(iii) Adequate wealth of occupation


The picked candidates will offer an attempt to the Engaging Expert in respect of the same-recommended formats (concern Annexures I, II & III individually) event of engagement.


(i) customer property an elective commission will be deliberate for a date to the post.

(ii) The applicant picked as GDS is going to not undertake any venture accompanying some outside agency, that is hopefully disadvantageous to the business or interest of the Postal service/IPPB.

(iii) knowledge or service of some kind will not be thought-out for election.


(a) Date of GDS will be contingent on the directions issued to apiece Area concerning the reservation of SC/ST/OBC/EWS/PwD types. The claimants can go through the following education possible on the official website of the Area.

Draft Tests:

(i) The applicants will be shortlisted for the date established a whole-generated merit list.

(ii) The Merit list will be able to establish marks acquired/ conversion of Grades/Points to marks (as related in substitute paras beneath).

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