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Tamil Nadu Govt Jobs 2023 Arasuvelai 2023 Tamil Nadu Arasu Velai Vaippu 2023 Jobs Today Tamil TN Govt Jobs 2023 TN Govt Jobs 2023 Tamil TN Jobs Jobs Tamila Jobs 2023
Tamil Nadu Govt Jobs 2023 Arasuvelai 2023 Tamil Nadu Arasu Velai Vaippu 2023 Jobs Today Tamil TN Govt Jobs 2023 TN Govt Jobs 2023 Tamil TN Jobs Jobs Tamila Jobs 2023

Helper Restorer of Jungles included in Group–IA Aids:

Candidates are supervised to state all the information/education/directions likely in this place notification and the Commission’s “Demands to claimants” before requesting this conscription. Explanations of any necessities can be got over the telephone and email well in front of the last date for compliance of the connection to the internet request. Candidates concede the possibility attend the information likely in connection to the internet application further.


(i) The candidates are granted to endure and edit their connection to the internet request till the last date for compliance with the connection to the internet application.

(ii) Competitors the one have created mistakes/mistakes and supplied wrong information in connection to the internet request unintentionally, can refine the application analyses in the Use Discipline Casement period again and supply the correct analyses. Afterward Discipline Window Ending, no qualification is admitted and requests concerning this will not be responded to.

(iii) Concern Annexure-V concerning this announcement concerning the tentative chronology of the conscription process.

(iv) Seeker endure presents only one use for this conscription.

Instructional Restriction (as of 13.12.2022):

Applicants must own a Bachelor‘s degree in Learning or Architecture in one of the following issues or allure equivalent requirements acquired from some University or Organization acknowledged by apiece Academy Grants Commission for purpose of its grant.

1. A Bachelor’s Degree in Silviculture

2. A Bachelor’s Degree in Physiology

3. A Bachelor’s Degree in Any branch of natural science

4. A Bachelor’s Degree in Physics

5. A Bachelor’s Degree in Allure

6. A Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics

7. A Bachelor’s Degree in Enumerations

8. A Bachelor’s Degree in The earth’s features

9. A Bachelor’s Degree in Farming

10. A Bachelor’s Degree in Gardening

11. A Bachelor’s Degree in Land Engineering

12. A Bachelor’s Degree in Obliging Construction

13 A Bachelor’s Degree in Synthetic Planning

14. A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer/Data processing


15. A Bachelor’s Degree in Energetic Architecture

16 A Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Architecture

17. A Bachelor’s Degree in Machinelike Planning

18. A Bachelor’s Degree in Calculating Requests

19. A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

20. A Bachelor’s Degree in Any branch of natural science

21. A Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Learning

Material TEST (Ambulatory Test):

Must pass a physical test top a distance of 25/16 Km inside 4 hours roaming male/female competitors respectively.

Health examination:

Candidates must placate a Healing Board in Chennai concerning his/her habit, appropriateness, and competency for harsh outdoor introduce the Jungle Area.


Candidates picked for the job in this post will produce a guarantee of physical fitness in the form arbitrary beneath.


i. The total number of free chances used will be planned based on claims created in former requests.

ii. The number of free chances used by the claimant will be confirmed by the apiece Commission at some stage of the collection process.

iii. In case an aspirant creates a dishonest claim for discharge from payment of the request commission by restraining news regarding welcome former use(s), the welcome grassroots campaign shall be rebuffed following in position or time fairness.

iv. Candidates are directed to painstakingly pick the alternative ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in the connected internet application concerning availing of the salary adjustment/immunity.

v. Candidates are advised in their interest, to hold a report of the number of periods salary concession is used, inattentive of the facts presented in the<Application Record> of the claimant instrument panel.

vi. A request (inattentive of the post applied for) demanding compensation adjustment will conduct to exclude individual chances from the number of free chances admitted.

vii. Claimants the one have availed the maximum number of free chances granted / seekers the one does not wish to avail of the salary yielding/applicants the one are not fit for bill adjustment, shall select the alternative ‘No’ against the query concerning payment concession in the connected to the internet request. The aforementioned seekers are going to thereafter pay the needed compensation through the arbitrary manner of payment.

viii. Deterioration to pay the arbitrary wage as long as, along with the connection to the internet use will influence the denial of the use after fairness.

Draft Process:

The election will be made in four stages namely.,

(i) Preliminary Test for the election of candidates for confirmation to the Main Inscribed Test

(ii) Main Composed Test

(iii) Physical Test, and

(iv) Spoken Test in the shape of an Interview. The Preliminary Test is conveyed to comprise a screening test only. The marks acquired in the Preliminary Test for one applicant who is asserted restricted for admittance to the Main Composed Test will not be counted for deciding their ending order of merit. The number of contestants expected admitted to the Main Inscribed Test will be 10 occasions the number of contestants to be inducted bearing regard to the rule of restriction of jobs. Still, in each reservation group, all the applicants secure the alike marks as the halt marks of their reservation groups be going to further be permitted to the Main Composed Examination, though the number of competitors expected permitted to the Main Composed Test may surpass the 1:10 percentage. No additional list will make public in the place of rejected competitors (or) contestants they have abandoned to send documents for proof. The ending option will establish the total marks obtained for one bidder usually Inscribed Examination Paper-II, Paper-III, Paper-IV Paper-V, and Spoken Test accepted together, liable to be subjected to the Rule of Stipulation of Appointments.


The option for the job to the posts contained in this place conscription is purely contingent and liable to be subjected to the definitive orders in the Summons Petitions, if any, undecided before the Hon’ble Superior court of Madras and Madurai Board of Madras Trial court, relating to this conscription.

Added Main Education:

If they are erect to have any aforementioned belongings or mechanisms, they will not grant permission to write the test further, besides abolition of the answer paper expulsion.

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