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Later the closing date for a certificate of connection to the internet applications, the Commission will supply two days to authorize contenders to correct/ change connected to the internet application limits, in what way contestants will grant permission to re-submit uses following in position or time making need disciplines/ changes in the previous registration/ connected to the internet use dossier as per their necessity.

This ease can be used by connecting to the internet fee of guaranteed correction charges as per analyses likely in para-9 of the Notice of Test. A New changed application will be discussed as the right individual and the premature use(s) submitted by the aforementioned contestants for the test will be canceled.

After compliance of the rectified/ last connection to the internet request form or expiry of the ending of ‘Fanlight for Use Form Adjustment’, the current situation/correction/qualification will grant permission by any means. Requests are taken in this regard in some form like Post, Fax, Electronic mail, manually, etc.

be going to not from something by the Commission and will be forthwith rebuffed. (t) In connection to the Internet Use Form, contenders are required to transfer the leafed-through color license-height photograph in JPEG/JPG format (20 KB to 50KB).

If the correct photograph is not uploaded by a competitor, the welcome/her grassroots campaign will be canceled. An example of photographs that are acceptable/not agreeable is likely in Annexure-XV.

(u) Distinctive consideration is pressed to the declaration at the end of the Request Form. Before consenting to/signing the proclamation, the candidates must use up the Request analyses replaced and the connotations of the declaration itself and consent to/sign it only afterward fulfilling themselves that the news supplied is correct.

Any hiding/falsehood/misdeclaration is going to bring about the cancellation of the grassroots campaign. (v) Bidders wanted to check the site of the Commission, namely., as well as the site of the worried Provincial Commission faithfully for the latest modernizes in respect of the test containing those had a connection with the date of the test, vacancy position, etc.

Duplicate contender uses sexually transmitted disease and functional devices to a degree cosmetic surgery & orthotics, and trial sexually transmitted disease (name expected specified) that is /are essential for the contender to perform at the test using a scribe.

This credential is circulated only to perform in composed examinations conducted by conscription instrumentalities in addition to academic organizations and is right up to (it is right for a maximum ending of six months or less as can be confirmed for one medical expert).

Any fault-finding analyses (e.g. Aadhaar Number, Name, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Date of Beginning, etc) are necessary to be filed two times, in the relevant lines of the Enrollment Form, for proof purposes and to prevent some mistakes. If there is a disparity between the original and confirmed dossier columns, it will not be entitled.

Your Mobile Number. This must be an active movable number as it will be confirmed through „Former Identification‟ (OTP). It may be famous that some news that the Staff Collection Commission conceded the possibility like to writing accompanying you, will be shipped on this mobile number only. Your traveling number will further be secondhand for the recovery of passwords if necessary.

When the Basic Details determined at S No-1 to 10 are preserved, you ought to establish your mobile number and electronic mail ID. On validation, your dossier will be preserved and your Enrollment Number will be displayed on the screen.

Your Enrollment Number and Identification will be supported to you on your traveling number and Electronic mail ID. n. You have to complete the Enrollment Process within 14 days failing that your Enrollment Details preserved up until now will be removed.

On profitable login, news about the „Basic Details‟ before this time suffused by you will open or fan out. You grant permission to rewrite it, if required, or pass further by clicking on the „Next‟ fastener fundamentally to complete your previous.

Later completion of the enrollment process, the ‘Basic parts’ may be altered. However, it is considered that the aspirants are expected careful while making of highest quality-time enrollment.

You are repeatedly warned that name, father’s name, mother’s name, date of the beginning, and registration examination analyses concede the possibility of being replaced accurately as recorded in the registration authentication. Your grassroots campaign grant permission catch canceled in case of wrong/wrong facts.

Current leafed through color authorization-size photograph (not as well three months traditionally from the date of news of the Notice of Test) in JPEG/JPG format (20 KB to 50 KB). The countenance measure of the photograph endures involves 3.5 cm (breadth) x 4.5 cm (height).

Stubbornness accompanying the Order out-of-date 05.03.2020 of the Hon’ble Highest federal court having to do with Shantanu Kumar & Ors. [Summons Petition (C) No.234 of 2018], the photograph of the aspirant conceded the possibility of not being in addition to three months old from the date of the magazine notice of the test.

The Photograph requires a cap and eyeglasses. The frontal view of the face concedes the possibility arrives. Requests accompanying fogged photographs will be rejected.

Information in lines S No-1 to 14 will be inevitably suffused from your Previous Enrollment Data that is non-editable. Nevertheless, if you are going to change one of the One-Time Enrollment analyses, click on the ‘Change Enrollment’ tab determined at the abandoned-help top corner of your instrument panel and form suitable fixings before the incident further.

The photograph uploaded above should not be as three months traditional from the date of publication of the Notice of Test. Click ‘Agreed’, if the photograph uploaded above is not as well three months traditional from the date of magazine of the Notice of Examination.

Pass to form commission fee if you are not exempted from fee of fee. Viewing and confirm the facts supported by you. If you want to reduce some access, click on the ‘Refine/Alter’ button and create the needed adjustments before exercising further.

இந்த வேலைக்கு தேவையான அனைத்து விண்ணப்பங்களும் கீழே உள்ளது நண்பா


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