Manner of Excerpt:
The conscription process will consist of the Calculating Located Test (CBE), Material Lastingness and Measurement Test (PE&MT), and Health examination of definitely picked contenders.

All bidders who are connected to the internet applications are established and expected will be named to perform in the Computer Located Test.

The Commission will test all applicants in the Calculating Based Way only. Confirmation Certificates for Calculating Located Test will be uploaded on the website of the worried SSC Local Commissions.

Calculating Located Examinations will be attended in English and Hindi only. The candidates who succeed in the beneath-noticed halt marks (normalized) will be thought out and eligible for short-tabulating to the next stage which is PE&MT.

Bidders will be shortlisted type-reasonable based on their merit in the Calculating Located Test for PE&MT. The number of applicants shortlisted for PE&MT based on their merit in the calculating-located test will be about 12 occasions the number of vacancies.

Document proof:
(i.e. accumulation of necessary fitness certificates/ documents from the bidders and their proof with original documents) will be transported by the Delhi Lawman event of PE&MT for the nominees who qualify for all the occurrences of PE&MT.

The aspirants the one are able in the PE&MT and Document Proof will be considered for addition to the definitive merit list.

Established aggregate marks achieved by apiece aspirant in the Computer Located Test, a tentative select list of competitors, in each type namely, Outspoken, SC, ST, OBC, EWS, and ex-military will ought alone for male and female bidders.

SC, ST, OBC, and EWS candidates, the ones who are picked on their merit outside easygoing guidelines, along with contenders owned by added societies, will not be regulated against the constrained share of vacancies. The aforementioned competitors will visit against the explicit vacancies as per their position in the overall Merit List. The silent vacancies will be suffused separately from among the worthy.

SC, ST, OBC, EWS, and ESM aspirants are the ones who qualify based on easygoing flags namely. age limit, climax, and breast measurement, happening or restrictions, granted several chances, lengthened district of concern larger than what is dealt with common type bidder, etc., inattentive of his/ her merit position, specific SC, ST, OBC, EWS, and ESM contestants search out be expected against unsociable vacancies.

In so far as cases of ex-military are worried, understanding of the military forces performed from the age of ex-servicemen is legal against the constrained or outspoken posts, and specific immunity is described as relaxed guidelines concerning age.

The conditionally picked applicants shall be medically checked apiece Healing Deputy indifferent Government Nursing homes in Delhi by nominating nominees Roll Number-reasonable for miscellaneous wards for their medical examination as per Rule-9, 14 (c) and Rule-24 (Addendum) of the Delhi Lawman (Job & Conscription) Rules, 1980 as corrected now and then.

A ‘Reserve Committee’ of 15% nominees will again be able and given to Delhi Police in a secured cover, not expected uploaded. The ‘Reserve Committee’ will be conducted by Delhi Lawman by the supplying of allure Permanent rule No.- HRD/4/2022.

The aspirants administering the test:
The candidates requesting for the test bear guarantee that they accomplish all the eligibility environments for confirmation to the test. Their admittance by any means of the stages of examination will be contingent, and liable to be subjected to their fulfilling the arbitrary eligibility environments.

If, on proof, at whatever time before or afterwards the Calculating Located Examination, PE&MT, and Health examination in addition to subsequently the issue of Offer of Assignment/ touching the service, it is erect that they do not discharge one the fitness environments, their candidature/ excerpt for the post will be canceled apiece Commission/ Delhi Lawman.

Progress in the test confers no right of job except that the Management is compensated later specific inquiry as concede possibility be deliberate essential that the contender is acceptable.

If a nominee notches, as well as cut-off marks in some Paper/ stage of the test, is not limited to the after stage/ last selection on account of some reason, he/ she must show the worried Local/ Substitute-Regional Commission of the Commission within two months of the proclamation of the result or two periods before the conduct of next stage of the test, whichever is former.

If an aspirant is picked and does not endure any agreement from the Commission or Delhi Lawman inside the individual period from the declaration of the things produced, he/ she must have ideas instantly thenceforth accompanying Delhi Lawman.

Cases of all selected contestants against whom some criminal case is recorded/ impending inspection/ pending trial in the court will be thought out by Delhi Lawman as per regulation likely the supplying of its Permanent rule No. HRD/12/2022.

Cases of administrative picked bidders against whom some Departmental Inquest/ Preliminary Inquest/ Criminal case/ Carefulness asking etc. is imminent will be observed pending till the finishing of their cases and their cases will be determined on merit afterward finishing of the cases.

Judgment of Tie cases:
Taking away some Test material to a degree OMR sheets, Harsh Sheets, Commission copies of Admittance Certificates, Answer Sheets, etc. from the examination corridor or passing it aware wrongful men all along the conduct of the examination.

If aspirants are established to satisfy at some stage in one of the malpractices filed below all along the conduct of the test or from that time forward, their grassroots campaign for this test will be canceled and they will be debarred from the examinations of the Commission for the period noticed beneath.

With the understanding of the relation scores of competitors in the Computer Test, specific cases will be in mind by administering the following tests, one after another, till the tie is answered.

Take away some Test material to a degree OMR sheets, Harsh Sheets, Commission Copies of Admission Affidavits, Answer Sheets, etc. from the test corridor or pass them aware illegitimate persons all along the conduct of the test.

இந்த வேலைக்கு தேவையான அனைத்து விண்ணப்பங்களும் கீழே உள்ளது நண்பா



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